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Additional chapter on electrodynamics added to ECE textbook

Friday, February 19th, 2021

Chapter 6 of the ECE textbook has now been published as a new version of UFT paper 438. The chapter describes ECE2 theory and the important application of Beltrami solutions.
Both subjects were introduced differently by Myron. Here I tried to present the subjects in analogy to prior ECE theory so that the textbook has a unified style and is easier to read. So the presentation has less “fiery” originality but is mathematically more stringent. At the end of the book, a table has been added, in which the times of the main discoveries are listed.

The textbook can be downloaded from

The computer code of the examples has also been updated:

Next, the part on ECE dynamics and mechanics will be published. It is planned to present a preview on the most important subject (field equations of dynamics) in near time.