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Posted on: Friday, June 29, 2012 2:22 PM
Author: metric345
Subject: Original Documents Found

To Stuart Davies and Sir Arthur Turner-Thomas:

I have found original documents from D / D Yc Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers which prove that Leonid Morgan is accurate without however quoting his sources. These sources have been found now by googling “John Morgan Richard Aubrey” last site. I refer you to my Aubrey line from Tudor times part two on www.aias.us and in my autobiography volume one.

1) 28th July 1564, conveyance from Ieuan (Gwyn ap) Morgan ap Richard to his brother John ap Morgan ap Richard (born about 1530) of Gwern y Gefeile (sic) (should be Gefail, the smithy, Gwern y Gefail means swampy land near the smithy) between Tir y Garth (enclosed land) and Gwaun yr Afar (Heathland of Sorrow). Therefore “Y Garth” was passed down in the family to Morgan ap Thomas y Garth (1735 – 1805) who married Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn Hall (1734 – 1825), his distant cousin .

2) Conveyance of 29th May 1577 from Richard ap Morgan ap Richard (Aubrey) to his brother John ap Morgan ap Richard (born about 1530).

3) Conveyance of 5th Nov. 1610 from John Morgan Prichard (John ap Morgan ap Richard Aubrey) and son Morgan John (Morgan ap John ap Morgan ap Richard Aubrey), Gentlemen, to son Thomas John (Thomas ap Morgan ap John buried at Callwen 27/6/1689). This proves that Thomas ap Morgan ap John was born before 1610. They are both recorded as Gentlemen, but this is not the Armiger rank of Gentleman because they did not have coats of arms. The patronymic system begins to give way to the modern system, but for clarity I give the accurate patronymic with the Norman Aubrey (or Awbrey) at the end. The names are given in several different ways in these very old documents, carefully preserved.

4) Quitclaim of 7th Nov. 1610 Morgan John of Ystradynlais to Thomas John. (i.e. Morgan ap John ap Morgan Aubrey to Thomas ap Morgan ap John Aubrey).

This is definitive proof of the line in part two of the Aubrey line and was probably studied by Leonid Morgan. I see that my work is being quoted verbatim on other sites.

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