Easy to Understand Error in EGR (UFT202)

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Sunday, March 25, 2012 2:12 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: Easy to Understand Error in EGR (UFT202)

This paper has been on the net for a couple of months or more and points out an easy to understand error in Einsteininan general relativity (EGR), showing that the theory is unable to producing the equation of a precessing ellipse (orbit of a planet). That should be the end of the theory. I advise school teachers and lecturers to point out the error in their classes, provided they clear it first with their administrations. It has come to my attention that two school teachers have been threatened with career destruction for straightforward criticism such as this. This is disgusting. These threats should be outlawed by new legislation and the people who make them aggressively counter criticised by decent society. Otherwise physics will be just another totalitarian failure, or at best bad politics. This error has already been studied extensively and accepted without a single objection. How can one “object” to differentiation? In UFT202 the equation of the precessing ellipse is differentiated and compared directly with Einstein’s rather obscure claims. (He doubted his own theory repeatedly as is well known to scholars.) The EGR fails completely. Instead of skunking around my website looking for correspondents to harass (stalker “Aaron Vee” and several childish aliases), it would be better to learn mathematics and go back to school: learn from the real children how to behave. This UFT202 error alone means that EGR is obsolete and should not be funded or given any public credibility whatsoever. Courses on EGR should not be funded or encouraged. To ignore this simple refutation is unethical and unprofessional. To ask for public money knowing the existence of this conclusive refutation is in my opinion criminal – a deliberate fraud: and so it goes on. The equation of the precessing ellipse (that of the observed orbit of a planet in the solar system) is

r = alpha / (1 + epsilon cos (x theta))

where (r, theta) are the polar coordinates in a plane, alpha the half right latitude, epsilon the ellipticity and x the precession constant. This is the OBSERVED equation of a planetary orbit. Differentiation of this function should be easy for fourth or fifth formers at any good school. If not, something is wrong with the education system. It gives:

dr / d theta = (epsilon x / alpha) r squared sin (x theta)

The pupils can do this with computer algebra but it is better if they learn the rules of differentiation and do it by hand. The rule is: differentiation of the numerator times denominator minus differentiation of denominator times the numerator divided by denominator squared. The EGR produces a very well known dr / d theta that can be compared with the above result as in UFT202. The pupils do not need to know where that result comes from, anyone can look it up with google. THE EGR THEORY DOES NOT PRODUCE THE EXPERIMENTAL DATA. This is one of many refutations of EGR and many counter examples given by honest scientists for nearly a hundred years! To go on funding such a theory is completely pointless and a complete waste of public money, our money as taxpayers. Anyone who cannot differentiate should be eliminated from science, and if he is a stalker, from society. Finally claims to have “verified” EGR experimentally cannot be right. To go on claiming verification knowing the existence of these multiple refutations is in my opinion grossly unethical.

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