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Marquis entry


Click here  for the entry in Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2006-2007.

Click here to go to the Marquis Who's Who website.(6 October 2006)

  • Chemist and Physicist.
  • Born Craigcefnparc Wales 1950.
  • Educated Pontardawe Grammar School and University of Wales Aberystwyth.
    B. Sc. (1971)
    Ph. D. (1974)
    D. Sc. (1977)
  • Ph. D. Supervisor Prof. Mansel Davies.
  • Youngest recipient of the D. Sc. degree in Britain and the Commonwealth at the age of 27.

Fellowships in open competition:

  • Science Research Council Fellowship 1974
  • National Research Council of Canada Fellowship 1974
  • ICI European Fellowship 1974
  • Junior Research Fellowship of Wolfson College Oxford 1975
  • Ramsay Memorial Fellowship 1976
  • Science and Engineering Research Council Advanced Fellowship 1978
  • Scientific Coordinator European Molecular Liquids Group 1980
  • Two University of Wales Fellowships 1983
  • University of Wales Pilcher Senior Fellowship 1985
  • IBM UK Fellowship 1985
  • Humboldt Fellowship 1985
  • Two Leverhulme Trust Fellowships


  • IBM Visiting Professor Kingston New York 1986
  • Honorary Fellow Royal Holloway and New College University of London 1987
  • Honorary Fellow University of Lancaster 1987
  • IBM MOTECC lead writer 1988
  • Visiting Scientist Cornell Theory Center (1989 - 1992)
  • Visiting Scientist University of Zurich 1990 - 1991
  • Visiting Scientist Pennsylvania State University 1991
  • Professor of Physics University of North Carolina at Charlotte 1992
  • Visiting Scientist Indian Statistical Institute 1995
  • Visiting Scientist York University Canada 1995
  • Director Alpha Institute for Advanced Study 1998
  • Appointed by Queen Elizabeth II and Parliament to the British Civil List 2005 for distinguished service to Britain and the Commonwealth in science
  • Author or editor of 716 articles and 50 books in chemistry and physics

Main contributions:

  • explanation of the far infra red with molecular dynamics
  • development of computer simulation and field applied computer simulation
  • development of non-linear optics, notably the inverse Faraday effect
  • discovery of the fundamental spin field of electrodynamics
  • development of electrodynamics to include the spin field
  • development of generally covariant unified field theory

Predecssors in physics and chemistry on the Civil List are Herschel, Dalton, Faraday, Joule, Fairfax-Sommerville, Heaviside, Denning and Airy. Predecessor from Wales on the Civil List is the poet Vernon Watkins. Currently the only scientist on the Civil List and the only person from Wales. Appointment to the Civil List is a High Honour commensurate with Order of Merit or Companion of Honour, there being about twenty five persons on the List at present.


  • British Government, Treasury
  • Alpha Institute for Advanced Study.
Avocations include poetry (book of poetry 2005), photography (permanent exhibition in University of Wales Swansea), music, literature and art. Poetic predecessors on the Civil List include Byron, Wordsworth, Tennyson and W. S. Graham.


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