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Call for reform


In view of the chronic harassment and animosity which has corrupted the scientific method recently I call for reform with the following aims.

  1. To make new and collegially refereed papers directly available to the scientific community through the use of websites, and if the community accepts the papers as measured by modern feedback software, to base science funding on actual usage and not on the opinion of a small elitist group with outmoded ideas
  2. To systematically identify and discipline harassers and biased editors who do not allow fair assessment of science, and make complaints to professional disciplinary committees.
  3. To base the award of major science prizes and distinctions on actual usage of a theory or experimental achievement, not on the opinion of an elitist group.
  4. To eliminate the practice of author blacklisting from science, and to heavily and continuously criticize organizations that use such a method.
  5. To ensure that all criticisms submitted to journals, or preprint sites such as arXiv, are allowed the right of reply without further refereeing, and that the criticised author is given the comment manuscript well in advance of submission in order to prepare a reasoned refutation. Comment and reply to be published in the same issue.
  6. To ensure that historical source documents and an accurate history of malice aforethought and actual malice to be available to the entire scientific community on easily accessible websites. Harassment to be eliminated from science, harassers to be severaly condemned and disciplined by their administrations for academic misconduct. 

This would bring physics administration into line with the rest of the democratic and law abiding community.

British Civil List Scientist.

cc Welsh Assembly and IWA

2 August 2007 


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