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Summary of Results of Papers 93, 95 and 96


These papers show the complete mathematical correctness of the ECE field equations of electrodynamics using computer algebra to evaluate the source charge / current density denoted A(0) (R tilde  ^q) grav. This is the source in the approximation of vanishing gravitational torsion.  

In paper 93 a few standard model metrics were used to evaluate the source term and in paper 95 one of them was developed, the Friedmann Lemaitre Robertson Walker (FLRW), the main metric of standard model cosmology.

In paper 96, the standard model metrics are rejected in favour of the rigorously correct original Schwarzschild and Crothers metrics. Of these, the original Schwarzschild / Crothers metric gives a Lehnert type vacuum source.

The generalizations by Crothers of the original Schwarzschild incompresssible sphere metric and of the charged rotator metric both obey R ^ q = 0, but give results that are valid only in the interior of a volume such as that of the classical electron. There are no metrics available that give electromagnetic radiation self consistently in a generally covariant unified field theory. Rigorous apparisal of differential geometry by Crothers precludes the pseudo-sceince that is contemporary cosmology. There is certainly no Big Bang predicted by Einstein's general relativity, no black holes, no dark matter, no exotica based on dark matter, no strings in nature. The Kerr and charged Kerr metrics were found to fail the basic test R ^ q = 0, as did the Alcubiere metric. This is one out of several ways of showing that cosmology is a pseudo-science.

We can now evaluate some sample metrics in a CUP book by Mac Callum et al. to see if they make any sense mathematically or physically.  

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Posted: 2007-10-12 


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