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Relevant Works


Relevant Works

In order to make the apt reader better understand the Geometric theory of fields (GF), I should quote an anonymous referee. He told, that "this [GF stuff] is in no way a derivation as a physicist understands the term". This statement may be even right. GF has been made engineer-like. Engineers have to make tools that run. For that reason, engineers need theories that work. Engineers can deal only with really existing and measurable quantities. Nature is as is, and does not ask for the desires of the certified experts.

General relativity is the last usable physical theory. Since then, engineers are forced to make their theories themselves. It is shown in GF that all nature is fully geometrical. What problem do physicists have to accept this primitive fact ?

In order to be sensitive to such problem, one must take an important realization of GF: The region "within" the conjectural radius of a particle or even a nucleus does not exist. Only a kind of "horizon" is at this radius of roughly 10^{-15}m. One cannot imagine it without deeper understanding of General relativity. The consequences from this realization are enormous.

A key article explaining these and other fundamental subjects.

The way of GF is shown in the theses.
You can download the derivation of the geometry of the electromagnetism, the same with emphasis to the fact that the electromagnetic field tensor is a curve parameter of the world-lines.  Simon Donaldson has acknowledged, that this derivation is objectively correct. Any claim, that electromagnetism had nothing to do with geometry, is led ad absurdum, see also the "Objection".

Most overwhelming evidence for GF might consist in the results from numerical simulations according to the source-free Einstein-Maxwell equations.  You are invited to see for yourself. Everybody can repeat the simulations.

See my site (mirror).

You may also find interesting meditations on the context of Planck's constant with the electromagnetic field there, moreover a less common but the only reasonable world model.

Ulrich Bruchholz
14 Oct 2008, 10 Feb 2009


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