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Open letter to Prof. S. W. Hawking


Prof. Stephen Hawking C.H., F.R.S.,
Dear Prof. Hawking, 


                             We have recently discovered during the course of our work (papers 93 to 110 on that there is a fundamental self-inconsistency in the geometry used by Einstein in developing his field equation, so no conclusions or inferences can be drawn on the basis of that geometry or field equation. In particular it cannot be inferred that there is an initial singularity. I am glad that you agree that a microwave background does not in fact infer a beginning.

I draw your attention to the work of the scholar Stephen Crothers, whose criticisms of big bang are irrefutable. I would request that the proponents of the standard model respect Stephen Crothers' scholarship. He has been repeatedly subjected to disgraceful treatment ( blog) to which the thinking general public must surely object. Crothers has clearly pointed out that the prediction of gravitational radiation from the Einstein theory is mathematically incorrect. In fact this was pointed out long ago by Levi-Civita and other leading mathematicians. So the basis for funding such very expensive projects as LIGO is incorrect. In response, crude abuse has been heaped on Stephen Crothers, instead of respect and logic, and this is disgraceful and intolerable. Do you think that such conduct would be tolerated for one minute in a House of Commons debate? It brings the whole of science into disrepute.

                            It is easy to show that the Einstein theory is geometrically self-inconsistent, and using computer algebra in paper 93 on we also showed that Crothers' work is mathematically correct, while at lest one version of Kerr's work is incorrect. So, on what basis to you continue to assert that the universe has an initial singularity?
                           For my part I prefer to apply science to the needs of humankind, and to apply theory where it is most needed. I urge you to distance yourself from the false accusations addressed at Crothers, evidence for which was posted on the blog today, and to distance yourself from the crude censorship of legitimate new theory. For the sake of science, condemn these false accusers publicly.
Yours Sincerely,
M. W. Evans
British and Commonwealth Civil List Scientist,
Honorary Chairman Magnegas Europe,
Director Steriwave,
Chairman Santilli-Galilei Association,
Sometime JRF Wolfson College Oxford.
cc Prime Minister's Office and Welsh Assembly
Posted: 4 May 2008 


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