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Update on the bereavement of Myron Wyn Evans:

Myron Evan's passed away suddenly on the 2nd May 2019 at Morriston Hospital in Swansea following a pulmonary embolism. Myron will be buried, in accordance with his wishes, at Elim Welsh Baptist Chapel in Craig Cefn Parc his home village on Friday 17th May. Our thoughts are with his dear wife Larisa , family and friends.

There is a Memorial Page with a Eulogy to Myron in Welsh and English and memorial comments from those of us who knew and respected Myron. Should anyone wish to send a comment in support of Myron or his family please send an email.

ECE2 field / potential equations now available

The complete ECE2 field / potential equations of electromagnetism are now available in UFT317 and UFT303, The Engineering Model. They are much simpler and easier to use than the equations of ECE and start a new era in the development of ECE. An entire textbook such as Jackson, "Classical Electrodynamics" can be derived from them, with a vast amount more information than contained in Jackson

Books in print

New books in print and planned from Cambridge International Science Publishing
1) by Myron W. Evans (Author), Horst Eckardt (Editor) "Principles of ECE Theory - a new paradigm of physics," Amazon, ISBN-13: 978-1787191808, 298 pages, .85
2) Horst Eckardt (Herausgeber), Myron Evans (Autor), Douglas Lindstrom (Autor), Stephen Crothers (Autor), Ulrich Bruchholz (Autor) "Principles of ECE Theory 2 - closing the gap between theory and experiment," Amazon, ISBN-13: 978-3745013269, 376 pages, Hardback 99 pounds.
3) M. W. Evans, Ed., "Definitive Refutations of the Einsteinian General Relativity" Soft back and ebook ISBN-13: 978-1-907343-08-7, 200 pages, 22 pounds, . Hardback ISBN 978-1-907343-38-4, 40 pounds, .
4 ) M. W. Evans, Ed., Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry, ISSN 2046 9888, half price subscriptions for individuals, six issues a year.
5 ) M. W. Evans, S. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast, "Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation" ISBN 978-1-907343-28-5, 480 pages, large format, 95 pounds, 0.
6 ) Kerry Pendergast, "The Life of Myron Evans" ISBN 978-1-907343-40-7, 300 pages, 50 pounds, , cover photograph by Alina Hachikyan
7 ) Myron Evans, "O Wraidd Ei Ddoe - Autobiography volume one", illustrated by original photographs of Alina Hachikyan
8 ) M. W. Evans, Omnia Opera, estimated twenty five volumes of about five hundred pages each, in preparation.

AIAS - independant institute of theoretical physics

The AIAS is an institute of theoretical physics, and is intellectually independent and not affiliated with any political view. The Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS) was founded in 1998 and is among the leading theoretical physics institutes worldwide.  It is an organization intended to develop the outstandingly successful Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) unified field theory, now the leading field theory by several measures.  It consists of about one thousand five hundred papers, educational articles, books and source documents, together with computer code.  The host company for is Annexa., of New York State.  Together with the site, we attract about a quarter of a million hits per month on average.  There are currently 175 source papers of the ECE theory, and our three feedback sites show that all are read every month, together with educational articles, background notes to papers, and Omnia Opera articles.

ECE has replaced the obsolete "standard model" of physics with papers on this site showing new understandings of basic principles. ECE is a unified field theory based on a type of geometry developed by Elie Cartan, who inferred it in 1922 and who collaborated with Einstein.  The AIAS is intellectually independent with distinguished international colleagues who have made historic contributions to field theory.  ECE is the most studied unified field theory website worldwide by several measures such as google and other search engines.  We can see this objectively from site statistics and may conclude that website publishing has been accepted as being equivalent to journal publishing.

The AIAS founder and President is Prof. Myron W. Evans, who has recently received two high honors of the British Government, a Civil List Pension in 2005, and armorial bearings in 2008.  Scientific predecessors on the Civil List or similar include Newton, Herschel, Brown, Airy, Dalton, Faraday, Joule, Adams, Fairfax-Somerville and Heaviside.  Poetic predecessors on the Civil List include the British Poets Laureate, and such distinguished poets as Byron, Wordsworth, Tennyson, de la Mare, MacDiarmaid and Vernon Watkins.  Prof. Evans has also received numerous nominations during his career, including nominations in 2000 for the King Faisal International Prize and nominations in 2002 for a Wolf Prize. Much more information is available in the section entitled Myron Evans.

Recently the AIAS group has made some internationally acknowledged discoveries and critical refutations which are being studied around the world of science. These include: 1) The development of the first unified field theory. 2) Refutation of the Einstein field equation, big bang and black hole theory. 3) Discovery of the antisymmetry laws of electrodynamics and gravitation. 4) Refutation of the Einstein de Broglie equations and their replacement by R theory. 5) Development of the first single particle fermion equation. 6) Refutation of the dogma of negative energy in quantum field theory. 7) Demonstration that energy from spacetime does not violate conservation laws of physics. 8) Discovery of the quantum Hamilton equations. 9) Refutation of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. 10) Discovery of the quantum force equation and pure quantum force. 11) Discovery of spin connection resonance in the laws of nature. 12) Discovery of the Evans identity of differential geometry.

This is an open source site with over two thousand documents, Evan's blog contains over ten thousand postings, and the Omnia Opera about eight hundred original papers. Very few other academic websites come near this output, either in quality or quantity. It is particularly important to read the papers that build up the ECE theory. The Universal Field Theory (UFT) overview contains a guide to this part of the site. Recently, UFT 158 forward have refuted the basics of particle theory, and have suggested a new explanation called R theory. There are important papers on the metrical approach to general relativity. UFT 172 forward develop an entirely new quantum field theory, one in which a single particle fermion equation is given for the first time, refuting the Dirac sea concept based on negative energy. UFT 175 refutes the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, UFT 176 and 177 develop the quantum Hamilton equations and the new force equation of quantum mechanics  

The papers on new energy and counter gravitation by the colleagues are important for engineers, and the papers on numerical methods for computer engineers. The genealogy, poetry and photography are of great interest to the general reader. We can see this from detailed feedback. This work is all done voluntarily. The UFT Overview abstracts 1 or 2 percent of the huge readership of the site collected from website statistical analysis, concentrating on universities, government departments, major corporations and similar. Nearly all the precepts of standard physics are refuted in great detail, the result is a proposed 300 million euro cut in CERN funding and a commensurate US cut in CERN funding. In our opinion CERN wastes billions of units of funding urgently needed for new energy research.

Critical Quotes:

"All the wave equations of physics, and first order differential equations of physics, come from the tetrad postulate, and the field equations from the Bianchi identity."

- Prof. Myron. W. Evans, AIAS Director (member of the Aberystwyth group)

"Congratulations, fantastic result. To get agreement to this precision is some achievement. This again shows that Einstein and his followers are totally redundant. What is even more important, however, is the new knowlege that remains to be found using ECE2 right across the field of physics. Spacetime energy devices, LENR, new optical effects etc are just the start. Let us hope that some physicists and engineers who follow are touched by the same spark of genius as yourself so that this great progress is mintained. Already a lot of the old physics and engineering, that is so wasteful of finite resources and pollutes so unnecessisarily, looks archaic.

This is a new scientific and industrial revolution that may just save the planet (if population growth can be controlled). Hopefully, a fairer and more equal world can also evolve if energy production is cheaper and cleaner and does not have to be controlled by greedy multi nationals. Spacetime energy and LENR units can be small serving single households (including in poorer countries) and will not need to be connected to local and national grids run by big companies serving the interests of the few."

- Prof. Gareth J. Evans, AIAS fellow, former doctoral student of Myron W. Evans and member of the Aberystwyth group

"Beyond the continued, to me, astonishing results from ECE2, Gareth has important insights. I do know something about the long run as one of my research foci is population, economic activity, and energy consumption in the long run. From my models, I know population is on the negative second derivative sector of its millennia--long time--path. Absolute peak global population should be reached this century, by mid--century in one of my models. This is a major event.

One very strong correlate of reduced population growth is per--capita income growth. The wealthier we become, the fewer children we have. This result holds across time and space, including Sub-Saharan Africa. And even, with a lag, in Utah. The strongest correlate of increased per--capita income is increased per--capita energy consumption. Hence the enormous importance of the ECE2 energy source implications: Make everyone wealthy, reduce the resource pressure on the planet. Very cheap, clean energy is the most important advance I can think of."

- Steve Bannister, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Utah

"Finally, over half a century after Einstein made his contributions of general and special relativity, Myron Evans, following in the tradition of Einstein, accomplished the impossible. Instead of trying to quantify gravity in terms of discrete packets of energy (quanta) to make it comply with the standard model, Evans took the opposite approach, He succeeded in describing the standard model in terms of geometry. In the Evans Grand Unified Field Theory (now called Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) Theory - MWE), particle exchange is not the fundamental unifying factor. Instead, for each force there is a specific curvature of spacetime or spacetime geometry. The resulting equations can be applied to any area of science and engineering. The impact on the computer, transportation, medical, power, and manufacturing industries will ultimately be as profound as the discovery of fire."

- A. D. DeBruhl, "The Ultimate Truth" (2006), page 120

"It is already clear that the electron mass M, and photon mass m, are not constants. They are actually of the same order of magnitude. The de Broglie Einstein theory fails dramatically as a cosequence, and the concept of electron mass fails dramatically. This is also true for neutron scattering, and in general for any particle scattering. The concept of elementary particle mass is replaced by the scalar curvature R of ECE theory. There are no elementary particles in nature (mass is frequency dependent). There are no Higgs bosons - the CERN search etc is entirely futile". 

"The problem we are finding now is that the basis of the relativistic quantum theory has collapsed. These are the conservation of energy and momentum equations called the de Broglie Einstein equations (1922 - 1924). Schroedinger derived his equation from these papers".

- Prof. Gareth J. Evans referring to UFT paper 159

"As a result of the theory by Evans, an axial magnetic field component B(3) will exist in the direction of propagation of an individual photon. Regarding such a photon as an axisymmetric wave packet of limited transverse section, it is inevitable that the packet should possess a three-dimensional magnetic field pattern, having an axial field component B(3) and an associated angular momentum (spin). This fundamental contribution by Evans leads to a better understanding of the enigma of the photon than can be offered by conventional theory. Accordingly the results by Evans have inspired a number of scientists and research groups to perform further investigations along this line of approach. The research by Evans is thus of great importance to the scientific community and to the further development of modern physics and chemistry."

- Prof. Dr. Bo Lehnert, Member of the Royal Swedish Academy, King of Sweden Gold Medallist. (Prof Lehnert notified the UK government about this work, resulting in the award of a Civil List Pension to Myron in 2005)

"Many a good Welshman and many of the world's finest scientists have had difficulties like yours. Remembering your early D. Sc. I have faith in your abilities and you must have faith yourself that if you concentrate your energies on what you are really good at, it will bring its rewards. Gyda phob dymuniad da"

- Sir Goronwy Daniel, University of Wales Aberystwyth

Stands on history mountain
Scans the valley future
Newest marvels glissen there
At last the human fountain

Pure thought pure life arise
The universal springing out
Far the spacetime roads will bear
The newborn infant of the skies.

- John Austen-Brown 

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge"

- Daniel Boorstin, Author & Librarian of Congress


When Einstein developed General Relativity, in 1915, he chose the only known mathematical model for spacetime, Riemann geometry. Now, we know that his choice was not correct. Since he started with the wrong geometric model of spacetime, it is impossible for General Relativity to solve many of the mysteries in modern physics.

Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) Theory is based on the correct geometric model of spacetime, Cartan geometry. Cartan geometry adds "spacetime torsion" to the standard model of physics. Spacetime torsion represents electro-magnetism, which does not exist in the 1915 version of General Relativity. Without spacetime torsion, it is impossible for General Relativity to explain the natural world. In contrast to the standard model of physics, ECE Theory is based only on geometry, with no arbitrary "fudge" factors added, like General Relativity requires. ECE Theory replaces General Relativity, since ECE Theory produces the right answers, as verified by numerical calculations, and experimental data.

I used the well known quote from Albert Einstein: "No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong. In these eight three refutation papers and books, Albert Einstein is proven wrong in more ways than he could have imagined, having no computer algebra or data outside the solar system. He was proven wrong experimentally about fifty years ago, with the discovery of the velocity curve of the whirlpool galaxy. He is proven wrong again by S2 star systems. Elie Cartan wrote to him about the newly discovered spacetime torsion (early twenties), but it took until ECE theory in 2003 for the importance of torsion to be fully realized.

The simplest form of ECE Theory is an engineering model, consisting of eight equations, which replace the four Maxwell's Equations, from 150 years ago. Those equations explained the physics of electricity and magnetism. ECE Theory adds four new equations, which are identical to Maxwell's, with the exception, that the added equations control gravity, and time. The four new ECE equations show a "spin connection resonance" with the four older electro-magnetism equations. The four new equations are a good example of the simplicity, and beauty, of a true natural theory. These equations are a mirror image of Maxwell's Equations, but apply to gravity and time. This simple, and beautiful, solution is what Einstein spent the last 40 years of his life searching for, but was not able to discover.

By creating the conditions for spin connection resonance, new physics effects can be engineered. The full set of eight ECE equations will allow new carbon-free energy sources to be developed, in the same way that present-day technology was engineered from Maxwell's four equations, when combustion was the only known energy source. Now, using ECE Theory, energy can be pulled directly from space-time, similar to a hydro-electric turbine, but without the need for falling water.

The rapid development of new, spin connection resonance, carbon-free energy sources, is a matter of great importance, for the entire planet. ECE Theory was discovered by chemist, physicist, and mathematician, Myron Wyn Evans (Doctor of Science, Royal Civil List Scientist), as a way to explain the Inverse Faraday Effect. His discovery of the "B3" field, in the early 1990's, showed a new model of spacetime was needed to explain many mysterious physics phenomena.

For more than twenty years, Dr Evans has devoted nearly all of his time and energy to deriving, and proving, the validity of the correct version of physics. ECE Theory can now explain, with exact precision, many physics mysteries which General Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics, cannot explain.
Physics mysteries, which can only be explained by ECE Theory:

  • The spiral shape of galaxies, without needing "Dark Matter" (the biggest embarrassment for NASA, and General Relativity physicists)
  • The total lack of "Dark Matter" in the universe
  • The spiral arms of galaxies, where stars accumulate on hyperbolic paths
  • The Hubble red shift of light from distant galaxies
  • The newest stars at the center of galaxies, which is contrary to Black Hole theory
  • The error of a Big Bang cosmic beginning
  • The error of Black Hole singularities
  • The error of the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle
  • The source of energy of "over unity" devices (spin connection resonance, and the conservation of angular momentum of space-time torsion)
  • The source of energy for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (spin connection resonance at the atomic scale)
  • Time modulation based on spinning electromagnetic fields, and spinning flywheels
  • Gravity modulation based on spinning electromagnetic fields, and spinning flywheels
  • The Faraday Disk generator, and over unity from modulating the unipolar field
  • Anomalous energy from Spin Connection Resonance between gravity/time, and EM fields
  • The reason all subatomic particles have spin, and gyro-magnetic moment
  • The fact that three quarks are just space-time vibrations in three directions
  • The error of a "God" particle
  • The fact that the photon has mass, which invalidates all of General Relativity
  • Orbital precession, which is not explained by General Relativity
  • The Pioneer 10 gravitational anomaly, showing small, unknown gravitational forces
  • Frame Dragging of rotating masses, affecting satellite orbits, and rate of time flow
  • Why the Michelson/Morley experiment did not detect an "ether"
  • Why ring laser gyros must use "ether" to function
  • How to create strong magnetic fields, using the Inverse Faraday Effect
  • How the Aharonov–Bohm effect is caused by a totally isolated current flow
  • The fact that spin connection resonance explains all matter in the universe, except for a small number of original particles
  • The fact that the universe is much older than present estimates, and may have a steady-state existence
  • The possibility of LENR, at the core of the Earth, keeping the core molten for billions of years

It is to Dr Myron Evans' credit, that he has accomplished this monumental research effort, without funding, and only received significant help, after 2010, in the form of numerical solutions, from Dr Horst Eckhart, and others. A new fundamental discovery, like ECE Theory, had to come from a private source, since research grants are controlled by vested, corporate interests. Also, this new version of physics could not have become public, if Dr Evans had sought patents, trade secrets, or profit. It is to his credit, that he, and his colleagues, have freely published every new set of equations, and simulations, since the beginning of his website, in the early 2000's. By foregoing profit, bypassing controlled research grants, and avoiding prejudiced publishers, he has made a monumental contribution towards the advancement of physics, and towards the creation of novel, carbon-free, energy sources. Finally, Einstein's unrealized dream, of a Unified Field Theory, has been given to the world, by Dr Myron Evans: Einstein Cartan Evans Theory.

The above introduction was written by independent researcher, Michael Jackson, BSEE

In response to international interest a collected genealogy section is now available on the Myron Evans page, where it will be permanently archived quarterly in the British National Collection along with all of  The latter contains at present about 1,700 items on science, literature, photography and genealogy.  All these items are read or viewed every month.


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