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Geometric Theory of Fields - the alternative to ECE

(Written by Ulrich Bruchholz )

First, I have to thank the AIAS staff for this place. They are open to competitors, like real scientists.

In order to overcome the stagnation in physics, one may not repeat the mistakes done by mainstream. The greatest mistakes are:

  • Introducing unseen dimensions and hidden forces,
  • The try to unify different and mutually contradicting methods,
  • Confusing a complex image with the original. This confusion is used in modern electrodynamics and diverse quantum theories.

It is quite simple: If one leaves out the mistakes, all problems vanish. The Geometric theory of fields goes from source-free Einstein-Maxwell equations. The ansatz is similar to Rainich, but not the same. The interpretation is very different. General theory of relativity and classical electrodynamics are unified that way. And the best: The quantum phenomena are taken into consideration. One can well interprete electrical conductivity inclusive of superconductivity, diverse tunnel effects, quantum coupling, and so on.
The way of this theory is shown in the theses.

See more at my site

Of course, I'd not dare to present the Geometric theory of fields without any evidence. Apart from mentioned phenomena, the Geometric theory of fields is excellently supported by numerical simulations according to the source-free Einstein-Maxwell equations. It is shown that quantized parameters of matter are determined by "islands of stability" in a huge parameter space, thus showing that quantization follows from general relativity, including electromagnetism "classical" way.

You can immediately see two arranged samples of these results.


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