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Suggested Combined Strategy


I think that all the groups working together here against the corrupt standard model elite of physics should develop a strategy of combined criticism of the standard model and independent funding and publication procedures. At AIAS we are doing this continuously through the website and website, while occasionally testing standard model editors for any sign of enlightenment by submitting papers to them and protesting logically if they are rejected. The whole process is recorded and documented. We rigorously test our work by a process of internal refereeing, and most of this refereeing process is posted on the diary or blog. Calculations are now done mainly by computer.

Other groups are now combined with AIAS, which has generated intense worldwide interest for a number of years now. This work has of course been recognized by the British Government at the highest level - it is the standard model elite that is the transient and small minority. The failed standard model elite is attempting to censor papers and block funding through the usual channels. However this has no effect because AIAS is entirely volunteer, each member has independent means. Literally hundreds of thousands of scientists worldwide have studied ECE theory over the past few years, we see this with Annexa feedback software daily and in great detail. 

ECE theory has been attacked by the same group of embittered and corrupt individuals that enginerered the UNCC affair. Standard model editors have been saturated by e mail from these individuals and told to block ECE theory by the standard model elite. They have caved in meekly and so have no editorial integrity, judgement or ability.

In about 95 papers and five books produced in about four years, ECE has been applied systematically to most of the main areas of physics, and has been compared systematically with data. This comparison shows that it is greatly superior to the stadnard model. Whenever the ECE theory has been attacked, detailed rebuttals have been posted for international judgement. So far not a single statement has been made in favour of the attackers over a span of several years. It is widely known that they have frequently resorted to criminal methods: e mail gutter abuse and aggravated harassment. This is of course wholly unprofesional. When their intent became clear they were blocked electronically. It has also been noted that they are able to force garbage physics into purportedly front line journals, indicating again that the journalistic system of physics has become corrupt.

Our main intent at AIAS is fundamental physics and a secondary intent is to help develop new ways of generating power. AIAS and fellow groups now hold the high ground in physics, and should forge ahead to develop good physics in cordial cooperation.

Prof. Myron W. Evans,

British and Commonwealth Civil List Scientist,

AIAS President,

University of Wales Fellow and Pilcher Senior Fellow, 

Junior Research Fellow Wolfson College Oxford,

Honorary Fellow Universities of London and Lancaster,

Honorary Professor, Instute for Basic Research, etc.

cc Prime Minister's Office, Welsh Assembly, IWA      

Posted: 2007-10-13 


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