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Main Weak Points of the Standard Model


The major weak points of the standard model of physics include the following in my opinion:

  1. There is no generally covariant unified field theory, so the standard model does not obey general relativity in all its sectors.
  2. The Bohr Heisenberg indeterminacy has collapsed, leaving causal determinacy as the only way forward.
  3. There is no unification of quantum mechanics and general relativity.
  4. String theory does not conform with the long accepted and basic principles of Bacon, that theory must be compared with experimental data.
  5. The mathematics of Big Bang, dark matter and black holes are incorrect fundamentally.
  6. Quantum electrodynamics is internally inconsistent, uses several adjustable parameters, and is nowhere near as precise as claimed to be (see paper 85 ).
  7. The energy of the Higgs boson is not known, so how can it be compared with data? This object was not found at LEP, the cost of looking for it runs into billions. Any event at the heavy hadron collider can be claimed to be the Higgs boson. This is not natural philosophy at all and so is a blatant waste of funding.
  8. Torsion is neglected in the so called "second Bianchi identity", which is the very basis of standard model general relativity and cosmology.
  9. There is a problem with quark confinement, in that the theory cannot be tested by data.
  10. The dubious nature of the Higgs mechanism brings into question related concepts, notably simultaneous symmetry breaking and asymptotic freedom, renormalization in quantum chromodynamics and so forth.
  11. Above all the conduct of our contemporary standard model protagonists leavs much to be desired, they are intolerant, deceitful and inured in their own dogma. These are the very same human weaknesses against which Francis Bacon warned in his famous Idol of the Cave philosopohy that led to the founding of the Royal Society. Dogma that cannot be tested with data is useless to natural philosophy, it is more akin to theology or politics than physics, and akin to the endless and stubborn arguments of fallible human nature. This is precisely what physics seeks to avoid, by comparing a theory with data, not with another theory.

ECE has been hugely successful in forging a new natural philosophy and as such it has been recognized by all but a handful of bigots who still try to deny due recognition.

Civil List Scientist
29 July 2007


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