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Tribute to Mrs Jan Moseley


Mrs Jan Moseley died recently of cancer and will be sadly missed for her work against the hideously destructive wind turbine development ( prooposed by the Duke of Beaufort, an absentee, feudal landowner. She also fought against a massively destructive gas pipeline driven straight through her property. This pipeline is causing environmental carnage throughout rural Wales for no discernible reason, the energy policy apparently being in a shambles. So to individual people like the late Mrs Moseley, this is all that remote government sometimes means. I dedicate the sonnet "Lluest Treharne" in her memory. She saved the precious arboreal flora of of the ancient ruined farm "Lluest Treharne" from pointless destruction. I call upon the twenty opposition groups to the Mynydd y Gwair fiasco to redouble their efforts, especially Swansea City and County Councils, Neath Port Talbot Borough Council, local town and community councils, CADW of the Assembly Government, various environmental groups, and Plaid Cymru. It is painfully apparent that a few quixotic wind turbines will not cause the sharp rise in petrol prices to stop. I have been saying this for years, so have many other competent scientists.

Pines of LLuest Treharne give sound to time,
For history would have broken step
And there would be no reason for this rhyme.
Why let this ruin irritate ? The strep
In the throat. The farmhouse is a pile
Of old stone, that is all. Centrally arranged.
To sell it all let's spit it out in style,
A poisoned well and a carved in roof deranged.
At an angle to the pterodactyl
Clawing at ten thousand years of pure land
To make a pipeline full of human bile,
And dissolving the hourglass this ruin, blows
The rage of time: the blood of people flows.
Cwm Eithrym
Civil List Scientist
cc Prime Minister's Office and Assembly.
11 June 2008


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