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Myron Evans » Statements » Diplomatic objection to G. 't Hooft

Diplomatic objection to G. 't Hooft

Dean of Science
Utrecht University,
The Netherlands,

I am currently the British Civil List Scientist appointed for distinguished contributions to Great Britain in science. I would like to make a polite but firm objection to personal remarks posted about me by G. 't Hooft, who is one of your employees. These are not normal scientific remarks, but were made without my knowledge and posted on a website. They are regrettably abusive. My own website is I disagree with 't Hooft's ideas, which is probably why he made such a strange-minded attack. I have never met him and do not work in the same area as him. I am afraid that this conduct by 't Hooft brings science into disrepute and does not do much for the image of the University of Utrecht. I would like to politely point out the following because I think that the Dutch are fair people.

  1. String theory is pseudo-science, it cannot be tested experimentally. Many others share this view.
  2. The Higgs boson is pseudo-science, it has not been found at CERN.
  3. Black hole theory and Big Bang theory is flawed fundamentally as pointed out by the exemplary honesty of Stephen Crothers. The latter has suffered for his honesty in a most disgraceful manner.
  4. The 't Hooft-Polyakov monopole is pseudo-science, it has never been found.
  5. Renormalization is elaborate and unnecessarily complicated, it can be greatly simplified or even eliminated through use of Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) field theory.
  6. Prof. 't Hooft becomes incoherent when he talks of me daring to compare myself with Einstein - such utter nonsense. In fact my co-author Vigier was invited to work with Albert Einstein and also worked for many years with Louis de Broglie.
  7. ECE theory is preferred to gauge theory by Ockham's Razor, the reason is that gauge theory introduces a superfluous abstract space - ECE relies on geometry alone.


The content and tone of 't Hooft's remarks sadly reflect his sarcastic and somewhat vain character. The British Civil List process is entirely democratic, it must go through Parliament and the Royal Sciety and accurately reflects merit. It is a high honour on Britain and an appointment for life. A Nobel Laureate is merely part of a standard model club, sadly accepted now by most scientists. I was advised this long ago by my Ph. D. sueprvisor Mansel Davies, sometime Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge, who three times refused an F.R.S. because he did not wish to be arbitrarily institutionalized. Similarly, Jean-Paul Sartre rejected a Nobel Prize in Literature, so did Boris Pasternak. These were men of high integrity and intellectual honesty

I cannot imagine a worse, a more arrrogant, pseudo-physicist than G. 't Hooft. I suppose it is useless to ask for an apology from such a man and none is expected from you. I am merely stating what I believe to be true. I trust that we no longer send people to the stake, we just use electronic sarcasm.

Prof. Myron W. Evans,
Chief Scientific Advisor Welsh Assembly,
British and Commonwealth Civil List Scientist.


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