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Regarding Physical Review

In view of the general acceptance of Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) unified field theory ( and feedback sites) the AIAS policy towards "The Physical Review" is that its attitudes have become obsolete and untenable. So its decisions regarding ECE theory are regarded by AIAS as null and void and based on prejudice. This is the verdict of history and the great majority of the physics and related professions. It is seen that attempts have been made by "The Physical Review" to censor the development of the theory ever since EW4529, which was accepted for publication in "The Physical Review E" in 1992. Therefore this paper is fairly referred to by AIAS as having been published. In addition, the centre of gravity of theoretical physics has moved back to Europe by a margin of four to five to one over the combined capability of the US and Canada, and the ECE theory has been published by a Europhysics journal. It has also been published many times in a letters journal and also in book and web format in Europe. It is avidly read to the extent of many millions of files downloaded in three years of objective monitoring of feedback activity to "The Physical Review" should therefore not influence any objective assessment of ECE theory by the professions of science, it must leave that to the professions themselves, which are fully capable of judgement without overt interference by the censoring "The Physical Review" or any other censoring organization such as the British Institute of Physics. Both are rendered obsolete by the professions themselves and by manifest recognition by Parliament of my own merits as a scientist. Therefore the intellectual authority of "The Physical Review" is obsolete, nothing now comes between the scientist and his readership.  

British Civil List Scientist 

27 June 2007 


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