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Pre-emptive rebuttals


Before our mutual friends get around to the very popular paper 93 here are some pre-emptive rebuttals before they make the comments. That will save time and let Horst and myself get on with paper 94.

  1. All the equations in Section 1 have already been dealt with in paper 89, which has been unanimously accepted by the international readership of for about four months by now. The right hand side of equation (17) has been worked out by computer in the graphs of paper 93.
  2. Table 1 is of course worked out by computer algebra.
  3. Crothers' work in Section 3 has long been accepted by the honest specialists in that area, and has been checked by computer. Crothers' severe criticisms of Hehl and the standard model are entirely vindicated by the computer.
  4. Appendix 1 has been checked many times in GCUFT and Hehl's remarks corrected in paper 89. According to international reaction Hehl has been entirely rejected, so he should resign as editor of Annalen because he has shown himself to be biased, to cite garbage websites by Bruhn, and to have attempted to distort genuine scientific work submitted in good faith to his journal. In Einstein's time nothing like this would have happened, it is the product of our decadent times.
  5. Appendix 2 has been checked many times and Appendix 3 is reduction to vector notation, where the meaning of a is explained. This meaning is also made clear in paper 89, where Hehl tried to deliberately mix up its meaning (i.e. obfuscate or make muddy). The end result was checked by computer, i.e. Eq. (C9) and Eqs. (C20) to (C22) - giving Table 1 and graphs. Precise agreement was found with previous work as described in Paper 95 . This means that the index a has been interpreted in a physically meaningful way. This was so back in 1992.
  6. The meaning of the index a is further explained in Appendix 4.
  7. Our mutual friends keep ignoring the essentially unanimous international acceptance of ECE theory, so as Lar Felker notes, it is high time for them to get honest with themselves as much as with others. In other words, stop wasting their own time and that of others and stop dreaming of lost grandeur, sic transit gloria mundis.

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Posted: 2007-10-02


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