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Survey and Index of Educational Articles and Books on

For April 2008 to date the following is a list of the most read educational articles and books by files downloaded ("hits"). This shows the hard work and understanding of ECE theory by the international AIAS Group of scholars, who have produced these articles entirely voluntarily and who serve the valuable purpose of turning the high brow original papers into more reasily understandable material. There is also the book by Lar Felker, "The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory" (Abramis 2007), available from Amazon and all good bookshops. This was a virtual best seller on our websites, generating about two million hits.
  1. "Space Energy" by Horst Eckardt (Spanish translation).
  2. Munich Workshop Slides of 2006 on ECE Theory (Details). 
  3. Munich Workshop Slides (Overview).
  4. Munich Workshop Slides (History).
  5. "Crystal Spheres" by Kerry Pendergast (to be published by Abramis).
  6. "Space Energy" by Horst Eckardt.
  7. "Galaxies" by Horst Eckardt (Spanish translation).
  8. Munich Worshop Slides (Introduction).
  9. ECE Introductory Article By Horst Eckardt and Lar Felker (French translation).
  10. Paper 93 Extra plots.
  11. ECE Introduction (English language).
  12. Daniel Indranu 6a on Differential Geometry. 
  13. My IBM Code Collection. 
  14. Criticisms of Ricci Flat Cosmology by Stephen Crothers.
  15. Royal Decree of the Act of 2005 for my the Civil List Pension.
  16. ECE Introduction (Italian translation).
  17. "Tornado in a Petrie Dish".
  18. "Galaxies" by Horst Eckardt.
  19. ECE Introduction (Chinese translation).
  20. ECE Introduction (original German language article).
  21. Experimental Refutation of the Heisenberg Uncertanty Principle.
  22. ECE Introduction (Spanish translation).  
  23. "Black Hole Catastrophe" by Stephen Crothers.
  24. Daniel Indranu Paper 8.
  25. "Metric Manifolds" by Daniel Indranu.
  26. Complete Maxima Code for Paper 93.
  27. Daniel Indranu Paper 4.
  28. "Effects of the Homogeneous Current in ECE Theory".
  29. Galaxy Simulations using ECE Theory by Horst Eckardt.
  30. ECE Introduction (Russian Translation).
  31. Etherington Report against Wind Turbines.
  32. Thesis by Phyllis Timmons.
  33. Ulrich's "Riemannian Torsions".
  34. "Autobigraphy - Sonnets".
  35. Ulrich's Thesis Article.
  36. Aberporth Weather Data by Gareth Evans.      


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