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Work on circuits


I think that this work is the most important for working out what Horta's design is in detail. We are at the point now where the all solid state circuits can be worked out from SCR equations of various kinds, it is well known in resonance theory that each equation has its equivalent circuit. Horta has made freely available the fact that his work is based on that of Tesla, and that he uses IBM foundry material, he has freely made this information available. He has freely allowed inspections of the circuits, which were all solid state circuits. Horta's group initially approached me for advice but refused to give me any but the barest of details.

It is also important to produce a resonance equation from the Bedini Cole circuit, i.e work backwards from the circuit to the SCR equation and to make it into an all solid state circuit. There are reports coming in of an embarassing public failure in this area - the Steorn London demo apparently turned out to be a complete failure, so as usual, very great care is needed in this area.

I am concerned with rigorous, professional science, and have a unanimous mandate from the profession. I will not get trapped into describing artifact. I think that the panel of scientists appointed by Steorn will come out negative. Steorn has admitted freely and publicly that it will not recover from a negative report so its strategy has been a complete failure. So I stress that AIAS has or has had nothing to do with these claims by Steorn. AIAS is willing to consult, but if and only if the inventors are prepared to listen to reason and are able to take elementray precautions before making big public claims and wasting big money. I am in favour of new energy, but this kind of failure could be foreseen: it was due to lack of consultation and unreasonable focus on amateur claims. The ECE theory on is universally accepted and worked out to state of art rigour.    

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