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Monthly Feedback May 02 to Jun 07 for

This demonstrates beyond any doubt whatsoever that Einstein Cartan Evans field theory has impacted modern physics most significantly, and should be given Government and University support in proportion to its impact. This impact is much greater than any physics or chemistry department in Wales, and is made with an all volunteer international staff. Several impact indices can now be constructed by AIAS staff if desired, for example number of hits divided by number of papers (86 to date since Spring 2003).

This impact is also vastly greater than the average journal impact index of about 0.8 or less. The ISI journal imact index is number of citations per page over a given interval of time. In the case of ECE, it is obviously being used and studied routinely all over the world, and citations per page are replaced by the modern, much more detailed, method of feedback activity software, a small sample of which is attached.

Funding for obsolete and impractical standard model ideas should be rapdily phased out and transferred to ECE theory, in view of the latter's obvious worldwide success. It has also been published using the regular peer review process in a letters journal and regular article Europhysics journal. This switch of funding should be done directly by Government and Industry because standard model academics will obviously just keep on trying to fund themselves regardless. They feed themsleves money trhoug htheir own referees, and a new and much system is badly overdue. This standard model funding is a useless waste of public taxation, whereas ECE is obviously engineereable and useful, well tested for correctness and against data, and used all over the world every day of the year. what better indication of a theory's succes could ever be hoped for?

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