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Open Letter to Vice Chancellors of the University of Wales


In my opinion, and in that of the British Government, people's ability to achieve their full potential must not be limited by prejudice and discrimination. This means that native Welsh speakers must have a right to employment in the University of Wales. As a native of Wales and fluent in the Welsh language, I hereby apply once again for tenured employment in the University of Wales. I have been doing this for nearly thirty years, during which time I have been appointed to the Civil List, a High Honour, in recognition of my scientific achievements.

I draw your attention to the following.

1) The Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Equality Act of 2006 and the Equality Act of 2010.

2) The statements against social excluison made by former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The Right Honourable Tony Blair appointed me to the Civil List in 2005 in recognition of my achievements.

3) Article 23.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, specifically the right to employment.

4) The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the European Union.

Social exclusion has been criticised by the British Government, your failure to employ me or to recognize my achievements, is social exclusion. So I think you should be criticised internationally for this. The exclusion has been going on since about 1978 in one form or another, and started when I refused to become involved in a rigged job appointment in Swasnea. I was offered the job, but at the same time it was advertized. This is illegal. Does the University of Wales expect a candidate to become involved in illegality? I demand fair treatment of Welsh speaking and other natives of Wales, and a quota for them. I demand that all staff in the University be fluent in Welsh, or be given three years to learn it. Any person hostile to the Welsh language must not be employed by the University of Wales.

Professor Myron Wyn Evans of Glyn Eithrym, Gentleman, B. Sc., Ph. D., D. Sc. (Wales), H. M. Civil List.


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