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Myron Evans » Statements » Press statement from the British Civil List Scientist regarding windfarms

Press statement from the British Civil List Scientist regarding windfarms

I am strongly opposed to wind turbines on scientific grounds (see numerous statements on and also on My opinion is shared by the entire community of responsible and impartial scientists (for example the Darmstadt Accord on of over one hundred senior scientists from several disciplines.
The attached reports ( The wind monster , The case against windfarms ) by Dr. Etherington plainly show that wind turbines are a grotesque folly, driven onward by greed crazed profiteers and absentee landowners alike. In this area there are at least nineteen groups opposed to further wind turbine development on Mynydd y Gwair. These include the City and County Councils of Swansea, Neath Port Talbot Council, Ammanford Town Council, numerous Community Councils, numerous environment and preservation groups, and part of the Assembly Government ITSELF: CADW.
Also the M.P. for Gower has indicated his concern to me in a letter, and Plaid Cymru has promised a delay and hopefully abandonment, of winf turbine development in Wales. Plaid Cymru is part of the Welsh Assembly Governemnrt, and I appeal to the Labour Party in the Welsh Assembly to follow the lead given by Plaid Cymru, its coalition partner. In my opinion the development of wind turbines should be stopped all over Wales, and further afield in Europe.
They should be replaced by a modern coal industry with rigorously controlled emissions in line with the Kyoto Accord; hydrogen plants from sea water, gas powered stations and similar proven technology able to meet energy demand and oil shortfall. The burning of oil for fuel must be phased out quite rapidly, and oil conserved for petrochemical manufacture.
Existing turbines in Wales should be dismantled and the turbine companies sued for major damages to the environment and costs of dismantling the turbines. If planners ignore objections, (e.g. Carmarthen County Council in the recent Bettws fiasco) they can also be sued in numerous court injunctions by ignored and misrepresented objectors, and the whole policy of wind turbine development tested in Court up to the House of Lords.
Prof. Myron W. Evans,
British and Commonwealth Civil List Scientist, Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College Oxford, Director, AIAS.
cc Assembly, IWA, BBC and Media
3 July 2007


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