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Ubi materia, ibi geometria. Lle mae 'na fater, mae 'na geometreg.
Wo Materie ist, dort ist Geometrie. Where there is matter, there is geometry.

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Coal mining poetry

     "There are two hungers, hunger for bread
And hunger of the uncouth soul
For the light's grace .........
From which to draw, drop after drop,
The terrible poetry of his kind."

"The Dark Well"

Y Glowr

     "Poer y llwch o'r pair llachar - a baban
Baw a'i boen aflafar,
Ar gymal grib ac alar
Rhed y cwec ar hyd y cwar,"

Myron Evans

On Peering into the Entrance of a Drik Mine,
Nixon Colliery, Mid Nineteen FikieLc.

     "I am the Lord ofthe Flies, this my cave,
You will be the vomit that they feed on
For three hourly pennies per killing day,
The dirty putrescence of a Friday
Shall eat your wages like a methane storm
In the black back garden of the Empire.
Don't think, boy, that you can escape me,
My blank eyes are like the seam before you,
Useless for seeing, the day wasn't here, '
The flies gather round me in galleries,
Driven by the smell of death, they firefly:
Briefly they will live, suddenly they die.
Out of the way, boy, there's a tram coming,
Didn't you hear just now the Sirens sing?"

Myron Evans

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