Van de Graaf and Galaxy Rotation

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 1:34 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: Van de Graaf and Galaxy Rotation

This is an excellent analogy, I will see if I can find an equation r = function(theta(t)) for the motion of an electron in a van der Graaf generator. That equation can be used as the starting point for the calculation of torsion and curvature and so on. These apply equally well to a van der Graaf generator and a whirlpool galaxy.

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Dear Myron,

Perhaps there is an action versus reaction going on at the centre of the galaxy as stars are emitted from the core that can be compared with what is seen using the tools on a Van de Graaf generator.

If a clockwise spiral shape is set up on a Van de Graaf generator, the disc spins anticlockwise when the handle is turned and the electrons leave the trailing ends of the disc moving clockwise.

If an ā€˜Lā€™ shape is fitted on the top of the generator with the point of the L then lying horizontal, the electrons can be felt as a breeze emerging from the point if the tip of the tongue is placed near it. This electron breeze must also be emerging from the spiral galaxy fitting and must produce the anticlockwise rotation of the spiral disc as an action versus reaction effect. Perhaps this tells us something about galaxy spin.

The centre of the galaxy could be then seen as a supermassive core spinning in the opposite direction to the trailing stars of the arms, but with whole galaxy being dragged slowly in the direction of spin of the core. The core could be systematically spun faster by subsequent stars being ejected, so the core would spin faster as more stars are ejected.

Just an idea, but it may give food for thought.

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