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Publications » The work of Ulrich Bruchholz

The work of Ulrich Bruchholz


Ulrich Bruchholz is an engineer who is developing the Geometric Theory of Fields. Like ECE, it is a full geometrical description of physics (i.e generally covarient unified field theory) and, therefore, is a direct competitor. Nevertheless, the AIAS is proud to host his work in the spirit of science.

  • Consequences of Unifed Field Theory
    It is exposed that, contrary to common opinion, electromagnetism
    is purely geometrical, and the omnipresent quantization emerges from
    this geometry of gravitation and electromagnetism, already found by
    Rainich. Numerical simulations according to geometric equations
    let see the discrete values of particle quantities.
  • Unified Physics and Properties of Elementary Particles
    It is demonstrated how to unify all physics on the basis of general
    relativity. Electrodynamics is revealed to be part of general relativity,
    as already seen by Rainich. The properties of elementary particles
    follow from the equations of the uni fied theory. The way of calculating
    these properties is indicated, and successful applications of this method
    are referenced. In particular, masses of neutrinos have been calculated.
  • The skill of repression in physics
    The article throws light on the consequences for society and environment from mental
    repression, using physics as example. A way out of all bias and the resulting disadvantages
    for society and environment could consist in establishing new sciences focussed to the facts
    and avoiding mental and social constraints from old sciences.
  • Riemannian torsions
    Possible Definitions of a Torsion in the Riemann-Minkowski Space
  • Objection to false claims used against Evans' Field Theory
    These remarks cannot undo eventual formal errors. However, one should
    not argue with false claims, that let appear Evans' theory, called ECE, in
    a false light. This article refers to Hehl's "An assessment of Evans' Unified
    Field Theory"



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